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Baroque furniture

The choice of furniture is essential when decorating a place. The choice of color is important but the materials, style and shape are to be considered, anyway anything is possible in decorating! Here is a selection of our baroque furniture, it is made by our skilled craftsmen. We use noble materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf, marble, precio...

The choice of furniture is essential when decorating a place. The choice of color is important but the materials, style and shape are to be considered, anyway anything is possible in decorating! Here is a selection of our baroque furniture, it is made by our skilled craftsmen. We use noble materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf, marble, precious woods, make our baroque furniture perfectly suited to an inner quality and durability. Here you will find our selection of baroque sofas or couches, baroque armchairs, baroque consoles with marble, Baroque commodes Louis XV, Baroque sofa, baroque chairs for children, baroque beds...


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  • Baroque bench

    Our finest selection of baroque benches: Dagobert benches, benches Roman, baroque benches of Louis XV style, flat benches and baroque safe seat for footboard Discover the widest range of existing baroque bench. Gain a knowledge of artisanal manufacturing for products out of the ordinary.

  • Baroque armchairs

    Find the ideal "baroque armchair" through a wide range with a wide type of models and colors to suit your interior.

    Stylish armchairs with character for a timeless interior decoration.

    The origin of the baroque movement born in Italy in the sixteenth century, which has since spread to Europe, draws its originality from exuberant shapes.
    This exaggeration of style inspired all the artistic domains of that time such as painting, architecture, furniture, literature, theater, but also music.
    The Rococo baroque style will later be born in the 17th century by a richer style, more exaggerated, more worked than the original style.
    As an integral part of the architectural and decorative heritage of the monarchy we revisit this style to restore its noble status.

    We offer you the widest possible range with various variants of forms for a use that will be given to you and that will be adapted to your desires by letting your decorative creativity express itself.

    Becoming master piece of your decoration by its originality, this type of chair is timeless.
    Indeed, our many professional clients adore them for their prestigious look and main pieces of decoration which serves as a base on which to come to articulate all the chosen furniture.
    Our individual customers love their original elegance that adapts and blends with any other style of furniture.
    It is not uncommon to see this type of armchair on television, in hotels, in the specialized press, in the cinema.

    Discover our range

    As everyone has different needs and expectations we have selected for you the type of chair adapted to your desires.

    - Our armchairs, known for their rounded shape are enveloping and give the user a feeling of body maintenance very pleasant. They are available in large size and in a more reasonable size.

    - With its sleek and straight line shape, our Louis XV armchairs are our most appreciated models by our customers.

    - Tapered and fluted legs, a rounded backrest, a wide seat that gives great comfort when seated, our Louis XVI armchairs are ideal for use in a living room.

    - Royal is his name, our Royal Baroque armchair model has a large backrest, perfect for a living room.

    - The princely model retains in its design the same codes as the royal chair but with a folder a little lower.

    - Our rococo baroque armchairs come in two types, a conventional size category for those with a smaller space. The sitting height of the Rococo baroque armchair allows to associate with our Rococo baroque chairs to be at the end of the table but also to relax.

    - Our large rococo armchairs also use the same visual codes with very exaggerated shapes with a very high backrest, very elaborate and openwork woodwork. This type of chair in the form of a throne, ideal in a living room is adored by our customers who wish to use it to perform services where the grandiose must be expressed.

    - With its original and rare form, our coach chairs have a design so atypical that they become an attraction in themselves. Its rounded structure, its high back, its rounded frame and its return thinking of a roof on his head are his main assets. Its appearance gives the user a feeling of security and pleasant comfort due to its cocoon shape.

    - At the same time solid and unusual, our child's armchairs will bring a chic touch in your toddlers' bedroom.

    - Original, practical and unusual, our armchairs have an "S" shape whose use is intended to confide. Indeed, once two people sit on them, they find themselves inverted and thus allows to engage in conversations discreetly where his name is drawn.

    - Plus recherchés, atypiques et incomparables, nos fauteuils banquettes bornes permettent de s’assoir à 4 personnes dans 4 directions différentes. Son usage n’est pas destiné uniquement aux halls d’hôtels, il pourra également trouver sa place grâce à sa forme originale dans une grande pièce dans votre intérieur.

    Our manufacturing

    The entire collection of armchairs is entirely made by our own cabinetmakers.
    We use wood structures (beech) carefully carved by hand.
    The colors of the wooden structures can be made either lacquered with a matte or glossy paint, gilded or silvered with the sheet with or without patina.
    We offer a wide range of fabrics that will allow you to find the ideal model for your home, for your personal decoration project but also professional. Possessing our own workshop we are able to create according to your tastes the combination of fabrics and colors of wood according to your convenience to propose to you your model of baroque armchair completely personalized.
    Our manufacturing workshop uses ancestral and traditional methods of manufacture.
    The structures are carved with gouge, chisel and not with machines in an industrial way. We use straps or springs to form the base of the seat.
    This base is then filled with foam or can also be made of fibers according to your request.
    The fiber seat is an unmatched comfort because the synthetic fiber never cups with time and offers a soft and very pleasant.
    Our baroque armchairs are then covered with fabric.
    This fabric is then hand stapled to the structure, then covered with either nails matching the color of the structure, or with a gallon of fabric to complete the finish of your chair.
    We offer you the possibility to manufacture your armchair with a padded or without dimples.
    The advantage of the dimples in the backrest allows to offer a different comfort forming multiple small surfaces that come into contact with your back.
    The "alveoli" that make up the dimples also air your back to the back of the chair.
    Care is particularly given to each of our chairs and quality control when sending your order.
    Our range is the widest and most comprehensive on the market.

    Your baroque armchair synonymous with royal decor

    You will understand we offer you a new choice.
    Symbol of royalty, and opulence, our range will certainly enhance your home.

    Buying a Baroque style armchair from the Royal Art Palace brand will bring you back to the life of palaces and kings of yesteryear without sacrificing comfort or the modernity of your home.
    No doubt it will be the centerpiece of your interior decoration.

  • Baroques chairs

    Our wide range of baroque style chairs you will without fail to find the model best suited to your interior.  Our models are handcrafted with ancestral knowledge. We offer a wide range of wood colors, fabrics and shapes. Discover our rococo baroque chairs models, harps chairs, Napoleon III chairs, baroque chairs Louis XVI style.

  • Baroque Sofa

    Discover a unique selection of Baroque style sofas. With a homemade models we manufacture respondents baroque sofas to individual needs. Our wide range of baroque sofas carry your home in a bush and comfortable universe. Centerpiece of the show, our baroque sofas are also suitable both for our particular customers and our business customers. We offer a wide selection of colors, materials and colors of wood. If you want a specific product, our team is at your disposal.

  • Bar chairs

    You are looking for original bar chairs ? We offer our range of baroque bar chairs. While resuming the codes of our baroque models, we designed high in shapes and colors. Below bar chairs with original fabrics and unusual forms containing the baroque codes. The colors of the structures are not better, as we offer the same finishes as our usual models. However, if you would like to coordinate your baroque armchairs with our barstools, simply contact us and we will offer you from our wide range of fabrics and wood colors for the same coordinates as our other models.

  • Desk

    We offer our wide range of baroque desks. finally find the baroque office for you with a wide range of wood colors, shapes, colors bronzes. Discover an extraordinary furniture, timeless and quality. Our artisan craftsmanship makes each room designated in France an exceptional product. Ideal for all types of interiors, our desks are opulent baroque and made from quality materials, robust in respect of ancestral knowledge for a quality product.

  • Chest of drawer

    This is our finest selection of Baroque commodes. You're bound to find the baroque commode that suits you best, commode to old copies or design commodes or to render a contemporary taste. We offer a wide range of colors lacquers, more sober or more flashy. All were performed departed noble woods and adorned with decorative bronzes. Everything you needed to enhance your decor and especially used for storage.

  • Consoles

    We have developed a range of baroque consoles specially designed to meet all your expectations. Often used in an entrance hall, a lounge, a room because we also offer models with coordinated mirrors. Hairdressers love it because our models with mirrors are perfectly adapted to their profession. You will find a wide selection of sizes, colors, materials for trays of our consoles as we propose baroque marble coatings with a wide choice of colors. It will be the same because we offer a large range of colors for the color of the structures.

  • Baroque beds

    If you are looking for a cozy, luxurious and prestigious, recalling the luxury hotels, you will certainly find the bed that suits you from our selection. We offer beds Baroque entirely hand carved by our craftsmen. We can realize your color combinations and shades of wood, and the dimensions to suit your needs.

  • Baroque bed headboards

    If you want to change the model of your bed without it becoming complicated and you are looking for a cozy, luxurious and prestigious, recalling the luxury hotel, you will definitely find the bed headboard that you agree among our various models. Here is our selection of bed headboards baroque, fully hand-carved by our craftsmen. We can do the combinations of colors and wood tones and widths to suit your bedding.

  • Chaise lounge

    Find a very large selection of chaise longue (daybed) baroque style made all by hand by our craftsmen. We offer models of exception among the largest range available. The many models and sizes give you the opportunity to find one that is most suited to your needs. We offer a wide range of combinations of fabrics and colors of wood, handcrafted with our good French design.

  • Dog and cat beds

    Indulge your favorite pet with our baroque bed sofa models for dog and cat.
    We have designed them to be perfectly coordinated and adapted to your home.
    Our pet beds have plush cushion.
    These benches will be perfect for the rest of your pet with a luxurious touch.

  • Nightstand (Bedside)

    This is our finest selection of Baroque nightstand (bedside). You're bound to find the baroque bedside that suits you best. We offer a wide range of colors lacquers, more sober or more flashy. All were made from fine woods and adorned with decorative bronzes. Everything you needed to enhance your decor and also serve as storage. Placed next to your bed or also side table in a living room, you are sure to find one that will make you capsize the heart.

  • Dining table

    Discover in this range our dinner tables achievements of baroque style. Our baroque style dining tables are made of traditional and artisanal way. Find original and also imposing models. The materials used for their manufacture are noble materials such as beech or marble. We offer our entire baroque dining table range a wide range of lacquers, finish with gold or silver leaf, colors of marble or patinas. We remain at your disposal if you want a different product. Indeed, being manufacturer we will study with the same passion that we animes for making all of our furniture, even listen to your needs.

  • Bar tables

    Perfect complement to our bar chairs, explore our baroque bar tables models and find the model that will be coordinated. Our range has a wide tray that allows you to eat standing or sitting for example by taking an aperitif as well as being comfortably seated on our baroque bar chairs.
    Its long legs, structure, hand-carved by our craftsmen in the same style as all our furniture will make these high tables the perfect complement to regain the french "bistrot" spirit in your kitchen.

  • Coffee table

    Centerpiece of the living room, we make for you our baroque coffee table with great care. Discover a wide range of coffee table Baroque salon. We offer a selection made by craftsmen. Our low table Baroque salon are available lacquered wood with gold or silver, with or without marble marble.

  • Display cabinets &...

    Discover in this range our baroque display cabinet and baroque bookcase. Our baroque display cabinet are made of traditional and artisanal way. The materials used are noble materials such as wood used including beech, pine, but also the ornamental bronze. We offer our range of baroque display cabinet and bookcase a wide range of lacquers, finish with gold or silver leaf.

  • Side tables and flower...

    Our finest selection of side tables and flower tables.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 896 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 896 items