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Our Furniture

Our Furniture

Here is a presentation of the furniture factory Royal Art Palace. You will find absolutely everything you need furniture for the home. Professionals do not be disappointed because our range is very wide. We offer you our wide range of style: Baroque, French Country Chic, chalets furniture, marble furniture, french antique reproduction furniture....

Here is a presentation of the furniture factory Royal Art Palace. You will find absolutely everything you need furniture for the home. Professionals do not be disappointed because our range is very wide. We offer you our wide range of style: Baroque, French Country Chic, chalets furniture, marble furniture, french antique reproduction furniture...

Here you will find:
armchairs, sofas, beds, coffee tables, bed sofa, side tables, headboards, dressers, columns, saddles, dining tables, benches, of wing chairs, chaises, porter's chairs, dining chairs, chairs, Roman seat, safety seat, louis xv bench x, Dagobert seat, footrest, offices, bar chair, consoles, night tables, shop windows.


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  • Baroque furniture

    The choice of furniture is essential when decorating a place. The choice of color is important but the materials, style and shape are to be considered, anyway anything is possible in decorating! Here is a selection of our baroque furniture, it is made by our skilled craftsmen. We use noble materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf, marble, precious woods, make our baroque furniture perfectly suited to an inner quality and durability. Here you will find our selection of baroque sofas or couches, baroque armchairs, baroque consoles with marble, Baroque commodes Louis XV, Baroque sofa, baroque chairs for children, baroque beds...

    Baroque style furniture is characterized by elaborate ornamental decorative details, as well as strong and dramatic curves. It is often made of expensive materials such as gold, silver, and exotic woods, and features intricate carvings, inlaid designs, and gold finishes. Baroque style furniture is also distinguished by the use of contrasting materials and textures, such as the combination of smooth and rough surfaces or the combination of gilded wood with leather coverings. The overall effect is often grand and opulent, and Baroque-style furniture is known for its ability to make a strong visual impact in a space. It is generally associated with the Baroque period of art and architecture, which took place from the late 16th to early 18th centuries in Europe.

  • Contemporary Furniture

    Refinement, elegance and pleasure are the hallmarks of our new range of contemporary prestige furniture.

    Dare the chic !

    Marked by a strong contemporary inspiration, our new collection consists of furniture and accessories in a chic graphic style that will fit perfectly in any interior.

    We wanted to offer high quality furniture whose qualities provoke each day pleasant sensations such as pleasure, comfort and well-being.

    Our selection has naturally focused on beautiful, functional, modern and elegant furniture and quality materials such as stainless steel, metal, tempered glass, wood or velvet.

    Transform your interior

    To enhance your home, our stylists and designers have developed a wide range of items with clean lines and smooth materials that you can integrate into any room in your home.

    No need to change everything so that your interior has that little design that makes you so much in magazines.
    Simply bet on our essentials and mix styles to offer the best in your home.
    By consulting the visuals of the prestige collection you will see that we have voluntarily created style associations.
    Indeed, the "Baroque" rubs shoulders with the "Prestige" in the greatest discretion and in total harmony for a sublime rendering.

    Bring a special touch to your interior

    The extraordinary, the unique is just a click away !
    Bet on beautiful decorative elements to imbue your interior with your personality.
    Find the design table that will embellish your dining room or the coffee table that sublimate your living room and opt for a sofa at the height of your desires.
    Wake up your decor with our design luminaires and find the most adapted to your atmosphere among our suspensions, wall lamps and lamps.
    Take care of your storage and create a harmonious ensemble with our sleek and stylish shelves.
    Embellish your walls with our range of mirrors and place just below our Calypso console for a guaranteed effect.
    Finally, create the room of your dreams with our prestigious furniture for your night space.

    Gold, Silver or Black Touch ?

    More trend than ever, metal has made a comeback in recent years.
    Solid and adaptable, it blends perfectly in a refined environment, design or on the contrary very industrial.
    We have declined in three colors: golden, silver and black. So, depending on your choice you can give a different tone to your room.
    For a harmonious decoration, think also about the colors of the walls, the floor and the brightness of your room.

    If you are passionate about decoration, whether you like fine furniture and contemporary style, you will have a real pleasure to browse this stylish category!

  • Baroque Contemporary...

    Discover our collection of contemporary baroque furniture combining classic elegance and modern materials.

    Explore the exquisite fusion of baroque style with modernity in our furniture collection. Fantastic chairs, majestic armchairs, sumptuous beds, opulent benches, sophisticated tables, elegant consoles, stylish poufs, refined sofas and elegant bar chairs await you. Each piece, made of stainless steel silver or golden, embodies timeless elegance.

    The trays of the consoles, dining tables and coffee tables, made of black, white, or white marble imitation, add an artistic touch. Dive into luxury with our velvet fabrics with various colors for chairs, armchairs, beds, benches, sofas, poufs and bar chairs. These pieces captivate by retaking the codes of baroque furniture, revisited with contemporary materials, creating a unique fusion between past and present.

    Each piece of furniture embodies a sophisticated aesthetic, revealing forms inspired by the past, transformed into modern works of art. Redefine your space with these creations that transcend eras, combining the timeless charm of baroque with contemporary elegance. Let each piece tell a story, combining the opulence of Louis XV and the sobriety of Louis XVI in a captivating visual experience.

    Rediscover the baroque with a contemporary touch.

  • French country furniture

    As an invitation to discover the charm of a cozy atmosphere, our furniture style "French Country Chic" will reinvent a story to tell. With its inspired by classical models, along with bright colors and patina and noble material such as beech lines, solid oak, stainless steel, you plunge into a soft cocoon of comfort. This romantic inspired range of antiques that we offer, give all the majesty and a unique charm to your interior. Here you will find bright colors very "Shabby" with linen shades, gray, taupe, beige, light pink, light blue ...

  • Mountain cottage...

    Under the sign of charm and friendliness, you arrive in a cozy atmosphere. You want to dream of peaks near a fireplace or a warm room ? Find with noble materials, the spirit, the atmosphere and comfort with our furniture mountain chalet style. Our furniture chalet style will seduce you with its precious, unique and modern atmosphere. You'll love our armchairs, sofas, dressers with cowhides and raw wood.

  • Louis XV style furniture

    We designed and selected the most beautiful furniture designs of Louis XV style. We wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the time and we did it. Our furniture Louis XV style are made the traditional way with quality materials such as the various selected woods, bronze, marble, to offer you products of high quality and that have now become again of an exceptional furniture.

    Our Louis XV style furniture fits perfectly into a modern interior just like in a castle. Louis XV style furniture is characterized by its sinuous lines and delicate ornamentation. They are usually made of precious woods, such as beech, walnut, cherry or rosewood, and are often lacquered or inlaid with marquetry. The feet of this furniture are often curved or turned, and they can be decorated with gilded or silvered bronzes. Decorative details are often floral and may include leaves, branches and flowers. Louis XV style furniture is also characterized by its comfort and elegance, with soft cushions and rounded shapes.

  • Louis XVI style furniture

    We manufactured and selected the best furniture designs of Louis XVI style. We have to perpetuate in time the atmosphere of the time and we did it. Our furniture Louis XVI style are made the traditional way with quality materials such as the various selected woods, bronze, marble, in order to offer you a high quality products that have been in their time and strong sensation now again become the desired furniture.

    Louis XVI style furniture is characterized by sober and elegant forms, with straight lines and simple curves. Legs are often saber- or lyre-shaped, and decorative elements include floral motifs and rosette moldings. The pieces are often in solid wood, often decorated with acanthus leaves, scrolls and bunches of grapes, sometimes with mother-of-pearl and marquetry inlays. The colors generally used are white, beige and blue. Varnished mahogany furniture was also common

    Sofas and armchairs were often upholstered in striped or checkered fabrics, with decorative cushions. The seats were equipped with springs to improve comfort, an innovation for the time. The Louis XVI style was also marked by the popularization of the chaise à la reine, a seat with a high back and straight arms, which became a symbol of the period.

    Our Louis XVI style furniture will fit just as easily into a castle as into a contemporary home.

  • French Empire style...

    Discover the exception of our furniture models manufactured and selected with care in our first French Empire style line. The choice of the finest materials and a respect for traditional design techniques have guided us to perpetuate in time the atmosphere of the time and we outclassed them. Our creations and Empire style furniture manufacturing replongerons you with ease in an atmosphere worthy of the reference period.

  • Napoleon III style...

    Discover the wedding except for reproduction of the Boulle marquetry inlay and tradional our range of furniture of the style second French Empire. We wanted while maintaining the look of yesteryear, but also create and redefine reproduce a range of Napoleon III style. This product choices made in noble materials and respecting ancestral design techniques that have guided us to create a traditional range and also brought up to date. Our Second Empire style furniture manufacturing will immerse you in a refined interior more enjoyable.

  • Art Deco furniture

    Discover our range of art deco furniture inspired by the style of the roaring twenties (1930s). We have designed and manufactured for you exceptional models combining noble materials, precious wood species, craftsmanship and timeless design.
    Our wide choice that is proposed to you will totally allow to enter in your interior furniture that can be integrated with any other type of decoration and to add the refined charm and the additional elegance sought.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for any other model, dimensions, design, materials or colors because we are also manufacturer.

    Art Deco style furniture is characterized by its elegance and modernity. They are usually made of fine woods, such as walnut, oak or rosewood, and are often lacquered or varnished. The legs of this furniture are often tapered. Decorative details are often geometric and may include zigzag, diamond or square patterns. Art Deco style furniture is also characterized by its use of modern materials such as glass, marble and aluminum. They are often equipped with clean lines and elegant shapes.
    It was also influenced by various architectural and artistic styles, including Egyptian style, Greek style, and Roman style.
    Additionally, the Art Deco style was heavily influenced by modern art movements, such as Cubism and Fauvism, and was used to create high-end decorative and interior design items for a affluent audience. All of these influences have helped create a unique and recognizable style of furniture.

  • Marble furniture

    Since ancient times, the use of marble sculptures or to perform various monuments is related to art and to the will of men. Marble is a rare material, valuable, fragile, dense, heavy and remains a treasure. Discover our sculpture, statues, fountains and marble columns. Perfectly adapted to the interior, as well as outside, your purchase will delight you and your little ones will still look for the marble is strong and timeless material.