Because the furniture history make the essence of our brand

Since 2007, we offer to our customers a range of furniture of character a fine decoration, sophisticated glassware and items of exceptions, inspired by the influences which characterize the historical French lifestyle (Napoleon III, Barocco, Empire…).

Our collections are designed by the founding director of Royal Art Palace who grew up in an antiquary environment, antiques shop, craftsmen and other retailer specialised in the 18th century. Since then, he updates and modernizes continuously the erstwhile furniture with passion, by proposing new collections to offer the biggest possibilities of inspiration with hand-made quality to our customers.


Your desires, your colors

The main goal of our brand is to allow you to reinvent and to adapt our products to your own style.

For Royal Art Palace, we are very keen to propose you furnitures which have a soul and which looks like you.

That is why, we offer you a vast option choice such as the colors-mix, patinas, choice of fabrics …

The designs shown on the website are available on direct sale or can be customised by ordering to provide you a bigger freedom of creativity.

We invite you to give us your decorating projects because we study each request with the greatest attention.

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Unique is a dream that must be affordable

So that approach becomes true, Royal Art Palace concentrate its attention on the sourcing and manufacturing of the furnishing offer.

Goals that are settled are :

  • Design high-quality furniture based on a precious and fine materials selection (wooden essences, bronze, marble, leather, crystal…)
  • Preserve and cultivate a traditional and hand-made skillsby requiring specific corporate associations (cabinetmarkers, bronze-smelters, ironworkers, glass-blower, marble masons)
  • To propose just and affordable price for a customizable furnishing offer

To do it, the purchasers of Royal Art Palace visit regularly some craftsmen in Europe and around the world to select the best. Every piece of furniture is the object of a rigourous study according to its specifications (materials, conception...), so that these unique and timeless objects remain high-quality and affordable for everybody.



Trade service

We have a dedicated team for professionals, if you are interior: designer, decorator, hotel, hairedresser, store…, we are at your disposal to listen and to advice you at the best and in the respect of your imperatives from specifications.

We propose to you a range of funishing picking from our catalog in which every product is customable to stick on the indentity of your company, on your brand image.

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Our eco-friendly commitments

We understood early on that the impact on a business nature was not negligible. It was our duty to minimize it for the future of our planet in question. Moreover, this phylosophy can make significant economic, why not?

Our company needs materials to pack and ship their packages.

These materials are generally considered "disposable" because they are used only for transportation and are therefore were polluting because they need energy to be transformed again and restore their lives.

At Royal Art Palace we committed eco-responsible.

We use materials from recycling and recyclable.

For example, we have agreements with local partners who provide us their free packages that we use to re-make our packages, our palettes...

This is to reduce the chain of conventional recycling of materials for recycling, trash hazards or filed in nature (accidental or not), expenditure of fossil fuels for transportation and processing.

So we give a second life to materials, provided that while preserving nature.

To preserve our energy costs, they are controlled so as not to leave equipment operate in a vacuum "out of hours use".

This is our commitment to the future!