Enter our world through our products and useful items but also decorative. We also gave the quintessence of our work through our decorative range. Discover the best of decoration with our wide range of products covering a wide range of styles that are an integral part of our DNA. We have selected the best materials for our products and to offer ...

Enter our world through our products and useful items but also decorative. We also gave the quintessence of our work through our decorative range. Discover the best of decoration with our wide range of products covering a wide range of styles that are an integral part of our DNA. We have selected the best materials for our products and to offer products of great quality and finesse of implementation.


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  • Cabinet de curiosités

    Discover our decorative items in our trendy range of cabinet of curiosities (cabinet de curiosité). We offer a wide selection dedicated with decorative items from the French second empire style (Napoleon III) inspiration. Find corals mounted on wooden baluster, starfish, sea urchins, nautilus, shells, frames with butterflies, fish and stuffed animals.

  • Coat rack and towel...

    Discover our coat rack, coat hooks and towel hooks. We offer a whole range dedicated to used as coat hooks, hangers and hooks towels or tea towels. We worked and designed original and decorative products using materials and original forms.

  • Decorative accessories...

    We have gathered here all the most original decorative objects and perfect to decorate your home.
    These were selected because the summers are beautiful decorative objects and decorative accessories, some of which have a specific use as well.
    Unearth the decorative object that will add "the extra" to your home from our wide range of objects and decorative accessories.

  • Bronze curtain holders

    A must-have accessory for your windows, find among our wide range of bronze curtain-holders the ideal model for your interior. Our products are hand-crafted one by one and traditionally forged by our craftsmen to make a decorative complement of excellence for your curtains.

  • Vases

    Our range of decorative vases finely focuses on selected products.
    In an effort
    to make you discover or rediscover exceptional materials such as porcelain or bronze, we have selected our most beautiful models all made beautiful artisanal way.

  • Wall decoration

    We selected decorative objects of great quality for your wall decoration salon.
    We always keep in mind this will offer decorative items for walls made with natural and noble materials but also modern.
    It is for this and also to beautify the decor of your living room, your bedroom or any wall in your home, we have turned to clay, cast iron, aluminum, wood and other materials derived from nature.
    Here you will find a decidedly new range and selected with care.

  • Candlesticks and tealight

    Our category candlesticks and candle holders, we offer a range of unique product with mercurised glass candle holder, candle holder bronze ...
    Learn some useful and decorative object, a high quality manufacture to meet two conditions: the usefulness and beauty.

  • Classical sculptures

    Classically inspired, we offer our range of sculptures of busts and ornamental statues.
    The models presented here are shaped and patinated by hand.
    They will adorn your interior with great delicacy and refinement.
    All are representative of the ancient era and will bring that classic and chic touch to your interior.

  • Contemporary sculptures

    We offer a wide choice of sculpture shapes, colors, mix of materials, style and dimensions.
    We offer you a large panel, you will find various formats to enrich your interiors and decorate your interior for a very chic, original and unusual effect.

    Each of our contemporary sculptures are made by hand and in a traditional way.

    They will be ideal to enhance your decoration!

  • Carpet

    Discover our vast collection of rugs, where each category offers a unique experience to transform your interior into a space of style and sophistication.Whether you're looking for cow skin mats or contemporary rugs, we have what you need to create a captivating atmosphere in your home.

    For rustic luxury lovers, our collection of cow-skin rugs is simply beautiful.Dive into the warm and authentic atmosphere of these rugs, available in a variety of natural colors and pattern impressive.Classic combinations of black and white, white and brown, brown and beige, bring timeless elegance to your space, while bold shades of red, blue, golden and daring'silver add a touch of dynamism and modernity.If you are looking for an exotic aesthetic, let yourself be seduced by our printed cow skin rugs with pattern zebra or leopard that will bring an adventure dose to your home.Whatever your choice, our cow-skin mats are carefully selected for their superior quality and durability, offering unique pieces that testify to elegance and warmth.

    If you prefer a modern and contemporary aesthetic, our contemporary carpet collection is designed for you.These rugs combine bold geometric shapes with oriental influences and a captivating aging effect.The pattern various lines, sleek to dynamic triangles, add an artistic dimension to your space, while rich colours such as blue, red, green, ivory and marine blue create a striking atmosphere.Made with contemporary materials such as leather, hemp and cotton, our contemporary rugs guarantee both durability and comfort, while being designed with meticulous attention to detail and artisanal expertise.

    Explore our different types of rugs and let yourself be seduced by the exceptional beauty and quality of our products.Whether you opt for the rustic elegance of cow skin rugs or the modern aesthetics of contemporary rugs, each piece is carefully selected to bring a unique touch of style to your interior.Transform your home into a true shrine of sophistication by choosing from our collection of rugs that inspire and delight.

  • Linen

    You have nostalgia, you want to have linen whose inspiration is drawn and secured marks by ancestral family who have touched you by their original quality, unique design ... Here you will find products that have had so much success in the past. Given to the actual style with the inspiration that made ​​them famous at the time. Our linens carefully selected transport you to this pursuit of quality and decoration inspiration now named "shabby chic".

  • Religious art

    Discover our category of religious art objects in this dedicated selection.
    You will find exceptional decorative objects which draw from religion their aspect, their representation such as they could have been unearthed in an attic. We offer decorative objects that are faithful artistic reproductions of the time.
    This category includes statues, medallions etc...

    You are sure to find the atypical decorative object you are looking for to decorate your interior with taste.

  • Primitive arts

    Discover our selection of tribal art or primitive art objects in this dedicated category.
    You will find decorative objects that designate all the creations from traditional so-called "primitive" societies, namely prehistoric, preceding the appearance of writing but not only.
    We also offer decorative objects from the artistic production of non-Western civilizations (ethnic arts).

    You will find objects of primitive art, African art, Oceanian art and also Native American art.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 946 items