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Your terms and conditions

These terms and conditions govern all relations between the company JPSA DECO - Royal Art Palace International (whose headquarters 1B Rue du Port, 11100 Narbonne, France and registered with the RCS Narbonne under number 531 450 278) and its customers.

Clicking on the "Submit" button at the end of the ordering process involves a full and unreserved acceptance thereof and of these Conditions of Sale.


Chartered seller to comply-with the average time on the Internet Stated When ordering site, aim it is not a strict deadline and Royal Art Palace International can not be linkable Held for Any delay in delivery due to carrier liability.
Delivery is made in Europe in the time prescribed by Delivering the product directly to the recipient, or in His absence, by notice provision.

Delivery is made in the rest of the world provided without delay.
Delivery times are listed as Accurately as possible.

Time limits: Items marked on the "Stock" website are in stock within the limit of available stocks or noted "Available to order".
The average time is registered right with the reference on each item description.
Products indicating 4 to 8 weeks or 4 to 12 weeks require special manufacture.
Validating the product with this information and if they are paid for, the manufacture will be launched and no cancellation will be possible due to the start of production.

In cases where the respective dates of availability of a control product would be different, Royal Art Palace International will offer the buyer to split the order if desired. In the case of fractional delivery, participation in shipping will not be applied to each portion of the commercially control. Failing fractional delivery, delivery is made after the date of availability of all the products ordered and the price set in the group transport when ordering.

In cases Where the respective dates of availability of products order Would be different, Royal Art Palace International will offer the buyer to split the order if Desired. In the case of split delivery, participation in shipping fees won't be applied to each portion of the command is trading basis. In the lack of fractional delivery, delivery is made partner after the dates of availability of all products ordered and the price fixed group transportation when ordering.

The Information provided by the buyer when the order incurred this: if error in the delivery address (Including name, number and street name, postal code, city name, state, phone number or email address, change of address ...), the seller can not be held responsible for the impossibility in qui Could he deliver the product.
Overruns delivery times May give rise to damages.
HOWEVER, if 15 (fifteen) working days after the attempted time of delivery days, the product was not delivered for any Reason --other than force majeure, the dirty May be Canceled and the purchaser obtenir restitution payment to the exclusion of any Other compensation or damages .
Are regarded as force majeure releasing the seller from ict obligation to deliver, war, riot, fire, weather conditions strikes, accidents and the impossibility Customs deductions of being white Supplied.
The Seller will inform the buyer Timely event or events listed Above.

The deliveries are at the foot of the building and is in no way a department or moving home installation.

If you want a different department it is nevertheless possible, you can contact our sales department for pricing and feasibility study with our service.

In Any event, the delivery time can only Occur if the buyer HAS Fulfilled His obligations to the seller.

If your parcel Has not Delivered beens for the Following Reasons: Delivery to an address Indicated Other than that, Insufficient contact info (phone, door code ...), goal Advised not responding. Charges Will Be Applied by the carrier and suffering you will the therefore be required and billed later and included. these costs Will Be equal to the amount already charged for transportation.

The payment is made as provided in the order.
Participation in shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and are paid by it in the order All orders are payable in cash when ordering.

Any deposit paid (by check in three times or other means of payment) is considered acquired when will subsequent to the order, and those due to the start of production and / or booking cancellation of the goods. Management reserves the right to refuse any request for cancellation by the customer.

Payment by check or credit card that have been voluntarily reported lost, stolen, fraudulent use ... despite the delivery of customer will systematically on a complaint.

Regulation must be validated within 5 (five) business days (accounting) to ensure good availability of products and prices.
Payment by credit card, Paypal, money order, check and bank transfer is permitted.

Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must immediately check their state and their conformity to the order. In case the package or its contents be damaged or not in accordance with the original order, the buyer must immediately reject it and be seen by the carrier. The perfect appearance absolutely imperative not release control of the state of the received content. All claims relating to defective goods delivered resulting from transport damage, inaccuracy in the amounts or error that we would have committed in SEO, must be made by registered letter to the carrier within three (3) business days or 7 (seven) days in some countries of the European Community, receipt of goods, otherwise the right to claim will cease to exist.

The words "Subject to unpacking ...", "Unpacking subsequent to delivery," etc ... have absolutely no legal value and no compensation can be claimed if these references are noted at the reception!

References unrelated to the quality of transport "Dust on the fabric, less than pretty picture object sitting too low ..." does not give rise to the litigation file.

If the goods are not suitable for other reasons than the damage, the buyer has a period of 14 (fourteen) days to reject the goods on delivery or redirected at his expense.

The client must itself find a way to convenience for the return of the product if it does not immediately refused at the reception.

It will be sent to each shipment by email and with our stickers on our packages, reception imperatively follow instructions in respect of claims which can be found here.

Product offers are valid while stocks last. If out of stock, Royal Art Palace International informs the buyer by email or by phone of product availability and offers to refund or exchange against another article (according to the wish of the buyer).

No products leaving our physical stores (outlets) will be refunded or exchanged, only one credit slip to be published within 7 days of purchase.

If you are a buyer in a country subjected to customs and delivery to your home is not possible because you have to go to the office of the carrier or a customs office to pay customs fees or to sign forms customs declaration or other Royal Art Palace International, will in no way be held responsible for additional delays.

If you do not accept the parcel and they are returned to us due to lack of transportation's office following a trip through customs, you will automatically be charged the cost of return mode "economic return" after receipt of your purchases our premises, refound will occur within 14 days after receipt and deduction of fees charged by the carrier.

Products on sales can not be returned or exchanged and no credit will be issued.

In case of refund, we guarantee a refund through the same payment method as your payment in a time less than or equal to 14 days of receipt of the returned package according to the law (the French Consumer Code Art. L121- 21-4).

In case of return, or the delivered items must always be repacked in their original packaging and returned to us intact as original.

In case for damages that would have been recognized and specified (detailed reserves and circumstantial) in writing on the receipt of delivery note, no refund can be claimed.

No sending with payment difered or COD will be not accepted.

In case the customer wants a refund related to a breakdown (unless the customer wants a replacement of purchase), we will only refund if the carrier involved makes our refund and that its liability has been validated with that elements the receiver sent us within 36 hours maximum (photos, cover letter ...) or that set out above reserves are recorded on the receipt slip, the refund will be executed the same day.

The insurance does not cover damage that caused to your Customs may or parcels.

Royal Palace Art International reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, relating in particular to the supply of products, a problem with the order received (eg illegible document), abnormal control or problem concerning the delivery to be made. Royal Palace Art International will inform the customer by any means at its disposal

Furthermore, your satisfaction we feel are essential, you have a right of return. Whatever the reason, you can return an item within 14 (fourteen) days (Art. Al.3 121-21-3 of the Code of the consumption of French laws), following receipt of your package (in its original packaging and with the imperative invoice at your expense), and tell us if possible the reason for return and indicating the invoice number to which it relates to:

Royal Art Palace International - JPSA Deco
1B Rue Du Port
11100 Narbonne

E-Mail here.

This right of return or cancellation does not apply to products manufactured according to the specifications of the buyer, clearly personalized or which, because of their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate and also can not be resold.

The expenses of sending and return remain then to the customer, unless the customer send forth above qualifications set on the waybill and refuses his order on the day of delivery.

Prices and shipping costs are in Euros (and indicative and non contractual basis: in POUND STERLING, RUBLES and US DOLLAR, SWISS FRANC ...).

Prices other than those mentioned in Euros, are not contractual and can be selected from the menu to give an order of idea of the price (value).

The price is payable in full in one payment with the order or several times by agreement (except for orders requiring special fabrication). All orders are invoiced and payable in Euros only. For deliveries outside mainland France, any customs fees or local taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.

The transfer of ownership of the goods to the buyer, will occur only after full payment by the latter, and this whatever the delivery date of said products.

Full payment should therefore have been acquitted on delivery is possible.

However, the transfer of risk of loss and deterioration of the products will be made upon delivery and receipt of those goods by the Buyer.

Royal International Art Palace treats all your information with the utmost confidentiality. When shopping, we only ask you the necessary information, and prohibit any use of the information on the website for any purpose other than to quality treatment and careful monitoring of our customer relationships. Accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify data concerning you.
Purpose of the data collection
- Order Confirmation via email
- address (e-mailing) commercial offers: when placing your order or catalog request, we record, for the processing of your application, some data (name, phone, e-mail and mailing address). Since you will become customers of our company we are likely to send you our offers by any means, including e-mail and SMS, when they will seem of interest to you.
You may at any time object to the reception these offers by contacting us:
• by e-mail.
• by mail to the following address: Royal Art Palace International, 1B Rue Du Port, 11100 Narbonne, France

Our client file is declared to the French Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés.

By connecting to the Internet site created by Royal Art Palace International: www.royalartpalace.com ; www.royalartpalace.fr and other domain extensions, which holds all intellectual property rights s' thereto, the customer may not copy or download all or part of its contents without the prior express consent of Royal Art Palace International.

Royal Art Palace and Royal Art Palace International are registered trademarks.

All the clauses in these general conditions of sale and all purchase and sale transactions contemplated therein, are subject to French law.

Products are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery to the structure, hardware, foam, coatings.

Shipping fees (and not return home) then stay at your expense, if necessary.

Is excluded: Product defects could result from damage during transportation, a (e) bad (e) installation, storage, preservation, or mounting (non-compliance with the installation instructions), a lack of maintenance, improper use or use not conforming to technical specifications or use (non-compliance with the requirements and maintenance), modifications or repairs by the customer or a third party, deterioration caused by external objects (object placed too high a weight on a not designed for this purpose furniture), external events such as accidents, shocks, fire, vandalism, water damage, natural light or artificial (if fading), natural disasters or weather, thermal shock.

Items presented come from all over the world and this selection is towards original, rare and quality.

The wood of our furniture which are manufactured by our craftsmen can work at the mercy of changes in temperature, humidity and crack slightly. Wood is a living material.

The colors of the marbles and veins thereof, natural skins, being naturally uncontrollable products may vary from one product to the other ..

For engravings and sculptures in wood of our meridian, the side shown in our photos is provided so as to maintain a graphic homogeneity. In no event shall Royal Art Palace International will not be held liable for any modification or direction.

The photographs illustrating the products do not enter the contractual field. If errors occur, shall in no event shall Royal Art Palace International will not be held.

Items and furniture sold on the site Royal Art Palace International are intended to be used in a normal and private use, all too intensive use, abnormal and not provided for this purpose, will give not place a support under warranty or a financial compensation or an exchange.

The present general conditions of sale and prices are agreed to and accepted by the Purchaser, who declares to have full knowledge and waives thereby to invoke any contradictory document, including its own general conditions of purchase, the deed of purchase involving acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice retroactively.