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Adopt the decoration Feng Shui !
Posted by  Magali Royal Art Palace   janv. 19, 2021     Archives 2016    0 Comments
Adopt the decoration Feng Shui !

ancient art in the country of the Rising Sun, Feng Shui is a way of thinking its interior to make it harmonious and balanced in order to promote the welfare of those who live there.
This method of banishing the house all the daily tensions and refueling positive energy via a special layout, colors and specific materials or specific storage rules.
To help you in your quest zen, discover without delay this art of thinking its interior and its environment between balance and harmony.

Zen decoration

The basics of Feng Shui

The Chi, Yin and Yang and the Five Elements are the three fundamental relied upon Feng Shui.
But how does this work exactly ?

Chi is an invisible energy that connects the components of the universe. In the house, he enters through the doors and out through the windows. To allow him freedom of movement and access to welfare sought the placement of furniture requires very great importance.
But beware, the disorder slows Chi because it is an old energies of stock that prevent new flows of movement so feel free to sort and separate you from the superfluous.

The other main principle of Feng Shui is the balance of two opposing forces that are Yin and Yang. Alliance of day and night, life and death, Yin and Yang are never one without the other. If Yang is the bright side of life which causes increased activity, Yin instead represents the dark side that causes calm.
Therefore, it is essential to ensure not decorate its interior with only one of these forces but combine them to find the right balance.

As for the five elements, they must be well related and well represented. They include :

- The wood that is associated with sunrise and spring, growth, change and vitality, the direction East and Southeast, the vertical, rectangular shape and green

- The fire that is associated with the middle of the day and in the summer, heat, passion, strength, South, sharp and triangular and red.

- Earth that is associated with comfort, stability, safety, caution, in the afternoon and at the end of the summer, to the northeast direction and Southwest, to the horizontal, square, yellow and brown.

- The metal that is associated with the order, strictly speaking, wealth, at sunset and autumn, west and northwest, with a rounded shape, to white, to gold and silver.

- Water that is associated with emotion, flexibility, calm, tranquility, at night and in winter, north, irregularly shaped, black and blue.

representation of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements

Feng Shui room by room

* A Feng Shui entry

It is by the entrance qu'entrent different streams of energy, so it is essential that it be impeccable, clear, bright and tidy. And to give a boost to positive energies, feel free to place a bouquet of flowers and a mirror.
However, be careful not to put your face in the mirror front door because you will refer immediately energy out !

Feng Shui entrance corridor

* A living room Feng Shui

The lounge is a place of life, relaxation, where one receives his family and friends. It has to be Feng Shui so that everyone naturally finds there its place and there is comfortable. How the furniture is arranged should encourage the flow of Chi.

The ideal position of the sofa is located near the door and face to it, where the flow of chi is at its peak.
To promote energy healing, chairs and sofas should be welcoming, clean and of good quality.

The seats should be arranged around the coffee table, round or oval, so as to promote the exchange and optimize the flow of Chi.

Question security, the basic rules of Feng Shui is to always see what comes from outside.
Do you ever find back to a door or a window!

Choose furniture with rounded corners, add green plants are hunting useless trinkets and objects that remind you of bad memory !

Feng Shui living room

* A Feng Shui kitchen

Combined with nutrition and therefore to health, the kitchen should be particularly pampered.
According to Feng Shui, it must be in the east or southeast of the house, facing the sunrise.

As with other parts of the house, cooking it up and work plan so as not to be back to the door when preparing food.
Similarly we associate materials rather than playing the 100% which will balance the elements.
However be careful because this piece combines two incompatible elements: water and fire.

So they do not confront, never place the dishwasher facing the furnace, for example.

And store all aggressive connotation objects such as knives and scissors.

Finally go for rounded lines or center island work plan side to banish the negative waves and avoid injury.

Feng Shui kitchen

* One bedroom Feng Shui

To make your Feng Shui bedroom expose the rising sun to refuel energy.
Organize your closets and cabinets to the season by alleviating you of the unnecessary and superfluous.
Scent your room to give him a Feng Shui atmosphere.
Opt for an essential oil diffuser, positive wave source or a candle Sandalwood, its cleansing action move away the bad vibes.

Side bed, preferably choose the wood and place it behind a wall.
Place the headboard in the North, Northwest and West.
Plan a sweet and soft lighting.
So avoid suspensions above the bed and prefer wall sconces or table lamps.

Finally, choose light and soft colors that create a serene atmosphere for relaxation.

A tip, leave your electrical appliances (television, computer, telephone ...) in the living room because they could counter the flow of positive energy.

Also avoid accumulating objects under your bed, this space should be left empty to allow Chi to flow freely and avoid stagnation.

Feng Shui bedroom

* A Feng Shui bathroom

Relaxing place par excellence, the bathroom has an important role in the home.
This is a piece that must be clear, dry, fresh and preferably placed in the east or southeast.

Opt for pastel shades, natural materials and good lighting make war but to stagnant humidity!
For this multiply plants that absorb excess moisture and help maintain a healthy atmosphere while promoting the flow of good energy.

Always close the door of your bathroom especially if it communicates with your room for fear of being invaded negative energy. Know that in Feng Shui the water flow refers to the money ... you better understand why you always turn down the toilet lid before flushing the water !

Feng Shui bathroom

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