Decorative trend: velvet from every angle !
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Decorative trend: velvet from every angle !

Although shunned in recent decades for its "old" side, velvet is once again attracting interest. And we love it! A noble material par excellence, soft and pleasant to the touch, it invites itself with velvet steps in your interior with its lot of more or less dazzling colors.
A quick tour to show you that velvet has a place in your decor. Hot in front!

From podiums to our interiors, there is only one step

This material, so long neglected, is again in the spotlight. First of all it is on the fashion podiums that velvet makes its comeback. His presence is very noticed in the parades of the greatest couturiers and as, between the fashion and the decoration there is only one step, it also inspires the universe of the decoration.
Compared to other materials, the velvet has a considerable advantage: it can be matched to all styles of decoration. From Scandinavian style art deco to bohemian style, it brings a touch of sweetness and instantly warms the mood. It's hard to miss this trend !

trend book: velvet in fashion and decoration

In which room of the house can you put velvet ?

Velvet invites itself in rooms where serenity is needed. Generally, this is the bedroom and living room.
You can either introduce small touches on cushions, throws, carpets or curtains, or in total look through a master piece like a headboard or sofa that you associate for example to a large armchair or a bench and a string of accessories.
If the velvet suggests a calm atmosphere, conducive to rest and escape, admit that it is very pleasant to curl up in a soft, soft and comfortable sofa. Especially in this period when winter temperatures are pointing the tip of their nose !

velvet by small touches in the living room

Discover below our sofa :

Velvet in total look in the room

Velvet in total look in the room

Discover below :

>> Our headboard:

>> Our chest bench:

Which velvet color to choose?

As for color, velvet is available in all colors: from black to pastel to red or turquoise blue. There is something for every taste !
The choice of color will determine the mood you want to give the place. To create a cocooning atmosphere, bet on timeless colors such as black, burgundy or dark blue. On the other hand, for a 100% design decoration, where the traditional codes are revisited, your choice will be more about tonal colors such as orange, fluo yellow or fuchsia pink that awaken a room and set the tone. In the end, no matter what color you choose, velvet will gently cover your interior !

velvet in all colors and for all tastes

And you, what do you think of velvet ? Will you adopt it ?


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