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Art Deco: we validate 100%
Posted by  Magali Royal Art Palace   août 7, 2020     Archives 2018    1Comments
Art Deco: we validate 100%

Impossible not to spot it. In the fashionable places of the capital, the decorative shops and even on the catwalk of the fashion shows, the Art Deco style makes a remarkable comeback ... and remarkable! Highly chic but accessible, everyone can distill at will the essence of this decorative movement emblematic of the Roaring Twenties.

Decoding and itinerary of this beautiful and completely avant-garde style that is displayed even on our walls!

What is Art Deco style ?

Born in the 1910s, in opposition to Art Nouveau with its arabesques and volutes inspired by nature, the Art Deco movement, which owes its name to the International Exhibition of Decorative and Modern Industrial Arts of 1925, advocates the return to a certain rigor.

Symmetry of patterns, bold lines, rich and intense colors (gold, peacock blue and emerald green in the lead), omnipresent gilding, moving shapes (the spiral being one of the key motifs of Art Deco), the influences of the Art Deco are multiple and draw on cubism, African art or oriental. This is why it is common to find Art Deco and Japanese motifs.

The Chrysler Building, built between 1928 and 1930 in New York City, is one of the most famous buildings of the Art Deco style, which is the first style to be internationally renowned (Belgium, Portugal, Spain, North Africa, Japan and Viet Nam), with a predominance in France and the United States. The Art Deco style ended in 1939, replaced by modernism.

Chrysler building and Art Deco style

The codes of Art Deco

Art Deco has literally brought luxury into the bourgeois interiors of the time by focusing on quality handmade furniture, shiny or exotic materials (nickel-plated brass, bronze, ivory, precious wood ...) and simple lines.

To incorporate it into our contemporary interiors with subtlety, opt for sofas and armchairs in velvet with intense colors and dark furniture. Also opt for decorative accessories in brass (candle holders and mirrors) that will shine brightly.

There, where this style has succeeded wonderfully, is that it has reinvented itself from A to Z a hundred years later. A comeback that says a lot about our need for more lightness, avant-gardism and a little crazy elegance in our daily newspapers.

Revisited accessories and furniture in Art Deco style

Zoom on the most beautiful Art Deco wallpapers

No need to live in a castle or a mansion to dare Art Deco wallpaper. He dresses all the universes, as long as he knows how to marry him.
The more cautious, dare the Art Deco wallpaper on a wall only, to dress the sofa corner for example. The more adventurous will have the audacity to put it in their bathroom.

If Art Deco wallpaper has found its style in the depths of dark colors awakened by gold ornaments revealing delicate floral or geometric patterns, today we encounter Art Deco wallpapers in more modern and bright colors and easier to integrate in our contemporary interiors.

Art Deco wallpaper in the house

To discover our armchairs "bergères", click on the link below >>

Art Deco wallpaper in the house2

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- Our wall lights https://www.royalartpalace.com/fr/appliques-murales/1081-grande-applique-murale-flambeau-bronze-style-empire.html

And you, would you be ready to adopt the Art Deco style in your interior ?

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