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Trend: floors in Mix & Match mode
Posted by  Julien Royal Art Palace   b Europe/Paris, 2024     Archives 2017    0 Comments
Trend: floors in Mix & Match mode

Tiles, parquet, waxed concrete, cement tiles ... everything can mix, provided you know how to combine materials, patterns and colors without overloading.
Very trendy for some time, we dare Mix & Match at home first for the pleasure of the eyes and then to give rhythm and personality to a room or to delimit more and more open spaces of life.
Ready to take the plunge? I tell you everything about this trend that takes hold of our floors and shakes the codes, for our greatest pleasure!

Understanding this trend

The Mix & Match is the art of combining materials, mixing patterns and colors. Parquet works perfectly with tiles, terra cotta is combined with wood, resin gives a replica to cement tiles, glass pavers are embedded in concrete, a few parquet boards are painted, Raw materials and hot ... in short, we can afford a thousand creations!

Borrowed from the world of fashion, this combination of styles brings a touch of originality and folly in our interiors. Gone are the days when we had to match the cushions to the carpet to be at the top of the trend. Today the Mix & Match blends patterns, colors and materials in perfect harmony.

With ever more open interiors, the partitions disappear to give way to beautiful volumes that do not always make it possible to distinguish the spaces. The Mix & Match is a good way to delineate the pieces, to make them their true functions and to give structure to an interior, while bringing an unprecedented touch to a decoration.
By playing with textures (tiles, wood, concrete ...), patterns, colors or shapes (hexagonal tiles, chevron parquet ...), rhythm, relief and character are brought to a kitchen open on a Stay, for example.
Be careful though: if the purpose of the Mix & Match is to create a graphic effect, it is essential to have a visual unit, to find the right combination, the right balance, between the different textures, colors and shapes chosen.

Trend book Mix & Match floor coverings

How to integrate the mix & match at home?

For a successful Mix & Match, here are two rules to follow:

Rule 1: Cutting and finishing must be carried out perfectly and the laying of both materials must be done correctly for aesthetic rendering.

Rule  2: The combination of the two materials you have chosen must be balanced for a harmonious rendering.

A short tour of some successful inspirations:

- Alternative to carpet: More original than a simple carpet, this trompe l'oeil graphic integrated in the floor and realized in tiles, delineates the space nicely. Here is an interesting mix that, while staging a series of patterns, breaks the traditional side of the floor harmoniously.

Mix & Match style carpet associated with two large round lanterns Royal Art Palace

Discover here our large round patinated bronze lantern

- The parquet flooring: As surprising as it may seem, you can visually enlarge your room by applying paint on some floorboards! This daring Mix & Match, offers more depth to this salon. An original trick that pulsates space and brings a touch of madness to your interior.

 Mix & Match with painted parquet flooring combined with a Napoleon III sofa and a Royal Art Palace coach

Click below to discover:
- our baroque sofa Napoleon III in white leather and black wood

- our large armchair in black velvet and silver wood

- Hexagonal tile / parquet flooring: Very good mix for this hexagonal tile and this traditional parquet. The tile nicely nibbles the kitchen area while delimiting the area of the living room. A mix that brings a real cachet to this piece, provided it is technically well done.

Mix & Match hexagonal tile and parquet flooring associated with a Royal Art Palace bar chair

Discover here our Louis XVI style bar chair in black leather imitation, zebra back and black wood

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