Test our good deco resolutions for 2018
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Test our good deco resolutions for 2018

Every year it's the same story, we take a lot of good resolutions that we unfortunately do not! This year, our deco resolutions are realistic and achievable for an interior where life is good.

The key to well-being lies in the ability not to be too overwhelmed by everyday life (housework, disorder ...) to use our energy to more constructive things.

So we start by making good resolutions for the house and we stick to it ! Let's go.

Resolution # 1: Empty

Your cupboards and shelves are overflowing with things never used? Empty, sort and get rid of the superfluous!
Put on one side the things you really care about, those that are essential to your daily life and those that you have not used or even looked at for several months. Renew this method piece by piece and ask yourself the same question each time trying to answer it as sincerely as possible: is this object essential?
To get rid of all these items, sell them or give them to your relatives or associations. You will most certainly be happy!

deco resolution 2018: to empty

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Resolution # 2: Give a place to everything

Now that sorting is done, place in storage! Think about how best to maximize your closets so you do not have to waste time searching. And to combine storage and decoration, invest in pretty boxes, baskets, covers, coat hooks...
Equip your drawers with the dresser of cotton baskets in which you can put your tights, underwear and socks. In the bathroom, store your makeup in transparent boxes to better visualize your products. Finally, think of fixing hooks in the kitchen to hang your tea towels and coat hooks in the entrance for your jackets and hats. A well organized interior, it's a head tidy !

deco resolution 2018: give a place to everything

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Resolution # 3: Go Green

Whether you have a green hand or not, this year, we reserve a place of choice for green plants. Why ? First, because green plants clean the air, which is good for health and well-being. Then, because they bring a little nature, color and cheerfulness in all the interiors. Finally, because it is trendy and some plants require little maintenance. So no excuse, run fast in the garden center nearest you !

deco resolution 2018: go green

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Resolution # 4: Heal the details

With the explosion of low cost decoration signs, it is unthinkable in 2018 to have a mismatched environment! So we take care of ourselves and we take care of every detail.
Exit family photos accumulated in a corner of the living room or postcards pinned to the wall, we turn his best memories into a little decor. Double benefit: we decorate nicely its interior and we feel good in the heart by exposing the most beautiful moments of his life. Smart!

2018 deco resolution: take care of the details

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Resolution # 5: Take risks

Try, mix, dare to take risks! The goal is that your decor is as close as possible to your personality. If you are wrong and the result is not the one you are looking for, you will have at least learned something. And then, in deco nothing is fixed, you can with three times nothing, create a totally different universe.

deco resolution 2018: take risks

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