Oval glass globe on wooden stand "Memento Mori"



Fabulous glass globe on a wooden floor with a very beautiful "Memento Mori" in the effigy of a wooden skull carved and crowned with feather.

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Color of the structure :Black
Main materials of the structure:Wood
Composition :Glass
Style :Napoléon III
Main shape :Cylindrical
Type of production :Handcrafted by hand
Cleaning method :Wipe with a damp cloth
Use :Indoor use / dry locations only

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This original composition presents here a very beautiful "Memento Mori" with the effigy of a skull crowned with feather under a glass globe, entirely hand sculpted by our craftsmen in our workshops.
Each piece is unique, horn, bone, wood,... as many materials to reveal the original character of each piece.
A unique eyeline to impermanence, ephemeral and Vanities.
The expression "Memento mori" comes from the Latin locution "remember that you will die", a formula from medieval Christianity.
Expressing the vanity of earthly life, it refers to the "art of dying", or Ars moriendi.It embodies an ethic of detachment and ascesis.
It is close to another Latin locution: "Sic transit gloria mundi" ("Thus passes the glory of the world").

Its origin dates back to the Greco-Roman Antiquity, when a slave stood alongside a victorious general during his triumph in order to remind him of his mortal condition.The Locution "hominem te esse" ("You too are a man") was also used.

Each piece is unique and handmade in our workshops in a 19th century style.

If you are an expert amateurs of unique and rare objects of curiosity or decoration, you will be seduced by this fabulous globes with ancient objects.

Very beautiful and original decorative accessory, can also be an atypical gift idea!
Dimensions: 37 cm height x 22 cm in diameter.
14"6 x 8"7

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