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Set of 3 hands of Chiromancy metal silver


Discover our reissue of a set of 3 hands of chiromancy in silver metal 19th style, an indispensable tool in divine art.

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Color of the structure :Silver
Main materials of the structure:Metal
Style :Napoléon III
Type of production :Handcrafted by hand
Specificities :As it is an artisanal manufacture: the dimensions, sculptures, marquetry, colors may vary slightly and evolve.
Cleaning method :Dust-proof wipe + sponge wash with soapy water - No chemicals
Use :Indoor use / dry locations only
To Avoid :- Avoid direct or prolonged exposure to the sun (windows) as well as proximity to a heat source. - Do not leave the protective plastic wrap on wood items. - Maintain the humidity level in the room. - Never use chemicals. - Never place hot objects directly on the surface of furniture. - When moving furniture, always lift it, do not drag it.
Delivery :Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product / Delivery: will be closest for a truck to your delivery address: will be displayed once the adress is registered / delivery to the premises: A quote is required (ask us) / Transport to non-European countries and islands: A quote is required (ask us)

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Man has always been fascinated by the art of divination, particularly that of reading the lines of the hand. The secrets of our lives are hidden on the Mounts of Venus, in our line of life, that of love, and many others. Palmistry, or the art of reading the future in the lines and mounds of the hand, is an ancient practice used to understand a person's character traits, potentialities and future events.

Discover our reissue of a set of 3 palmistry hands, which evokes the time when fortune tellers traveled the roads from town to town in the 19th century. These beautifully detailed hands serve to illustrate the different lines and mounts used in the practice of palmistry. Each hand in this set represents a precious tool for lovers of this divinatory art. They show the lines of life, head, heart, and destiny, as well as the mounts of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Apollo, each with its own meaning and interpretation.

This set of 3 palmistry hands is ideal for those who wish to delve into the mysterious world of palm reading. It also makes a fascinating decorative piece, harkening back to the days when fortune tellers offered their services to those seeking answers.

Magnificent decorative objects in the style of the Second French Empire (Napoleon III, Late 19th century) and completely in the "Cabinet of Curiosities" spirit.
Fabulous original decorative object.

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of palmistry with this unique set of 3 hands, and let yourself be guided by the lines and mounds of your palms to discover the hidden secrets of your life.

Dimensions: 20 cm length x 12 cm width / 7"9 x 4"7.


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