Large 18th century style sandstone bowl


Fabulous sandstone reproduction of a large 18th century style cut.

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Color of the structure :Beige
Main materials of the structure:Stone
Style :French antique reproduction
Main shape :Rounded
Type of production :Handcrafted by hand
Specificities :As it is an artisanal manufacture: the dimensions, sculptures, marquetry, colors may vary slightly and evolve.
Cleaning method :Dust-proof wipe + sponge wash with soapy water - No chemicals

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Explore the timeless elegance of the 18th century with our beautiful stone reproduction of a large 18th century style cut. This piece was hand sculpted by our talented craftsmen, who brought meticulous care to every detail. The natural patina, aged and worn over time, gives this piece an exceptional authenticity.

This large cut embodies the style of the eighteenth century, a period of artistic refinement. It evokes the grace and sophistication of this era.

Sandstone which composes this reproduction is surrounded by a fascinating legend. It is said that it comes from an attempt to transmutate gold metals conducted by a monastic community in Italy. This stone is imbued with history and mystery.

Our craftsmen carved this piece by hand with great precision, faithfully recreating the details of the 18th century. Each curve, each pattern is the result of exceptional craft work.

The natural patina, aged and worn over time, gives this reproduction the appearance of an authentic antique piece. Some stones spent several months in our workshops to acquire the desired patina.

Sandstone reveals her magic when she is carved. It must be humidified to become friable and tender under the scissors of the master craftsman, and then again "hard as stone" by drying. This transformation is a real alchemy.

Add a touch of history, mystery and authenticity to your interior or exterior decoration with this beautiful reproduction in sandstone. It's much more than just a cut, it's a piece that tells a story and transports the essence of the eighteenth century into your space.

Discover the art and magic of the sandstone with this exceptional reproduction of a large 18th century style cup. Whether in your interior space, on your terrace or in an exhibition space, this room will become the central point of your decoration, attracting curiosity and admiration. Explore an era with this unique piece.

Dimensions: 36 cm height x 22 cm diameter.
14"2 x 8"7


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