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Large sculpture "Torso of Giant Apollo" on black metal support



Sumptuous and large sculpture finely made and patinated representing the torso of Apollo.

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Type of production :Handcrafted by hand
Specificities :As it is an artisanal manufacture: the dimensions, sculptures, colors may vary slightly and evolve.
Cleaning method :Dust-proof wipe + sponge wash with soapy water - No chemicals

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Sumptuous decorative sculpture, finely made and patinated representing the torso of Apollo in beige color.
This large, high quality reproduction has a fantastic patina.
The base is in black metal.

The Gaddi Torso is a Hellenistic marble work of art from the 2nd century BC. AD, preserved in the room of classical sculptures of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.
The Torso was well known in the 16th century and many artists such as Lorenzo Ghiberti, Rosso Fiorentino and Michelangelo were inspired by it as a model for musculature and pose.
Art historians believe that this torso actually represented a centaur. This sculpture was part of a group representing the consequences of love at different times in human life.

The extreme elegance and perfection of this sculpture remains an exemplary piece of Greek art of the time!

Dimensions: 72 cm height x 53 cm width x 24.5 cm depth.
28"3 x 20"9 x 9"4

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