Large sculpture "Draped Venus" - 120 cm


A sumptuous and imposing reissue of a Roman statue "Draped Venus". Aging marble finish - 120 cm height.

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Color of the structure :White
Main materials of the structure:Composite and marble powder
FinishesThe worn, aged and patinated effect is deliberately made for an old appearance.
Type of production :Handcrafted by hand
Specificities :As it is an artisanal manufacture: the dimensions, sculptures, marquetry, colors may vary slightly and evolve.
Cleaning method :Dust-proof wipe + sponge wash with soapy water - No chemicals
Use :Indoor use / dry locations only
Information :The manufacturing, finishes and patinas are done by hand. These variations enrich our decorative objects and give them a unique character that is desired. They cannot be considered a defect.
Delivery :Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product / Delivery: will be closest for a truck to your delivery address: will be displayed once the adress is registered / delivery to the premises: A quote is required (ask us) / Transport to non-European countries and islands: A quote is required (ask us)

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Dive into the brilliance of ancient Rome with our superb reissue of the great Roman statue of the "Venus to the Dauphin", dating from the 1st century after J.-C., as exhibited at the archaeological museum of Milan in Italy.
This striking work of art captures the very essence of Roman statuary art, with its distinctive style and its powerful character.

The Roman statuary style, although distinct from the Greek, draws its roots in Etruscan and Hellenistic art. However, it is distinguished by its practical, realistic and resolutely powerful temperament. This statue perfectly embodies this Roman aesthetic, with its fluid lines and its imposing presence that captivate the gaze.

Aging marble finish gives this republishing a remarkable authenticity. Each detail, each contour, seems to have been sculpted by time itself, adding a depth and a history to this remarkable piece.
Made from a high quality composite material and patinated marble powder, this statue combines the timeless elegance of marble with modern durability.

The imposing dimensions of this statue, measuring 120 cm high, make it an impressive masterpiece that will not fail to become the focal point of your living space.

Whether in a living room, entrance or garden, this statue will bring a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your decor.

Dimensions: 120 cm height x 35.5 cm width x 35.5 cm depth.
47"2 x 14" x 14"

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